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Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. is expanding and enhancing its Bodysonic line of audio equipment. For example, the company is offering a remote controlled FH-P95 double-DIN size compact disc player/receiver with innovative features such as a function that removes the vocals from music so that listeners can sing along. Another introduction, the Bodysonic BSS-C1 speaker, retailing at $300, offers an amplifier and a pad designed to sit on a car seat and vibrate along with the music. Additional product offerings are discussed.

Executives at Pioneer Electronics Inc. feel there is more to car audio than just listening to the music. They believe it should be fun, too.

New features to New Compact Disc Player

Disc Player

To push this idea, the company has added new features to its second generation double-DIN compact disc player/receiver and expanded its Bodysonic loudspeaker line.

Pioneer has also brought out an array of home audio products including a laserdisc/compact disc player and a large number of both A/V and stereo receivers.

  • FH-P95

The remote controlled FH-P95 double-DIN size CD player/receiver suggested retail price $1,400 and shipping in July, has several of these “fun” features, including Audition, a karaoke-type feature that removes the vocals from a song and mixing function that can meld together music from the CD player and tape player. It is designed for use with CDs Pioneer will be supplying with the receiver that contains sounds ranging from the soothing gurgling of a babbling brook to the screaming engine of a race car, whatever the listener desires, said Sam McLain, Pioneer’s car audio brand manager, marketing.

Some of the more traditional features for the FH-P95 are a three-band equalizer, sound field presets (studio, jazz, concert hall, club, audition and stadium), an LCD display and Pioneer’s new FLEX System. FLEX, to which access is gained via a button on the faceplate, uses a signal processor to pull the high-end frequencies off worn out tapes restoring most of the original sound quality.

  • BSS-C1

The new BSS-C1 Bodysonic speaker is in response to the acclaim the first product has received since it was introduced at the Winter Consumer Electronics Show. The original Bodysonic, suggested retail $500, contains a small amplifier, two speakers and a pad that sits on a car seat and vibrates along with the music like a subwoofer. McLain said retailers believed a less expensive version would sell very well. The end result was the BSS-C1, which is just the vibrating pad and amp and will come in at $300 and is now shipping.

  • CDS-P45

Five other new receivers will be available starting in June. The CDS-P45 CD changer controller and single CD player CD-470FM, suggested retails $200 and $480, respectively and the cassette-based KEH-3600, KEH-2600 and KEH-490. Suggested price points on these products are to be disclosed.

  • CLD-D503

In the home audio field, Pioneer officials believe that with a street price point on below $500 its CLD-D503 combination laser disc/CD player will enable the average person on the street to afford a top notch home theater system. The unit has dual side play, direct CD loading and can switch sides in less than eight seconds.

It Is Not an Outrageous Expensive Price At All

Three laser disc-only players have also just started shipping. The CLD-D703, CLD-M403 and CDD-S303 have suggested prices of $1,220, $770 and $650.

In Pioneer’s CD player category will feature two mass storage players, the 100-disc PD-F100 and 51-disc DF-F51. The first model is a front loader with vertical CD trays, while the latter is targeted at consumers looking for a space saver unit. The 100-disc unit will start shipping this month and the 51-disc model will follow in July with respective suggested prices of $715 and $615.

Mini System Line Is New Continuously

The PD-F51 is also can also be found in the company’s mini system line as a component with the CCS-590 mini system, suggested retail $1,215 and shipping in July. Four other minis are new for 1994. The CCS-490 featuring is a three-piece subwoofer satellite speaker system, the CCS-390 that utilizes Pioneer’s extended bass technology, the CCS-290 and the 100-watt Z-A1000. The CCS-490 June at $865, the CCS-390 started shipping in March at $635, the CCS-290 will go in August at $520 and the Z-A1000 also began shipping in March at $635.

Four Dolby Pro Logic-equipped A/V receiver models will also be in dealers by July. The top of the line VSX-D903S has graphic user interface to help the user handle the various A/V settings. It is joined by the VSX-D703S, VSX-603S and VSX-503S. Suggested retails are $1,200, $810, $710 and $500, respectively.

Products that Always Are Available

Home Theater Systems

Other home theater products include three new loudspeaker systems that will be hitting store shelves these months. The S-V201 has five satellite speakers and a subwoofer and a $580 price point. The S-2D has two front speakers and a subwoofer, $350 suggested price and the SC-R22 has a center channel speaker and subwoofer, $230 suggested price.

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