4 Popular Types of the Headphones on the Market

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types of the headphones

Normally, you will give some questions before buying the headphones. For example:

  • What are the best headphones on the market now?
  • Which one is the most suitable for your using target?
  • How to choose the best headphones with the best price?

Of course, these are only three typical questions. Even, you will have more things to know about headphones. Why do many people spend a big budget to buy the best wireless earphones? Surely, they also have their reasonable reasons. The best headphones will have more great features. In the case, you do not have a lot of money to get the headphones like this. Firstly, you should refer to all of types of this product. From there, you are easy to select the most appropriate for your needs. This article will synthesize 4 different types of the headphones which they are being sold today. Through this, you will get the general information and the most basic relating to these types of the headphones.

Type 1: Earbuds Headphones

Earbuds Headphones

Earbuds headphones are designed with the small size. With many people, this is convenient when using and storing their device. Thus, these types are manufactured with the large scale. On the other hands, these products also have some positive and negative sides which you need to remember. This is the essential features for the buyers:

  • Because the earbuds headphones have a small size you can use and move anywhere. It is also the great choice for your exercise and move on the way. Moreover, their price is cheap. You do not spend a lot of money for investing the earbuds headphones.
  • However, before you give the final decision to buy the earbuds headphones. You should consider some negatives things which these products bring.
  • Most of the earbuds headphones are easy to fall out of your ears because they are fit poorly;
  • Beyond that, they also block the outside noise. Thus, when wearing it, you can feel any noise from the outside;
  • In addition, your ears can be hurtful too much with the earbuds headphones.

Type 2: Over-the-Ear Headphones

Over-the-Ear Headphones

Over- the –ear headphones have the ear cups that they have to cover the entire ear. So the size is very large. This is totally different from the earbuds. And in these products, they are divided into two categories: Closed Back Headphones and Open Back Headphones.

  1. Closed Back Over- Ear Headphones

Comparing to Open Back Headphone, Closed Back Headphone are widely used very popular because of the price better. Also, Closed Back Headphones can block the outside noise and avoid the sound leakage effectively. They can make the users feel reducing the outside noise when we turn on the music. This thanks to the excellent noise isolation of the device.

  1. Open Back Over- Ear Headphones

If you just look the outside parts you can not recognize the differences of Open Back Headphone and Closed Back Headphone. Generally, they look very similar. In fact, they have the major difference about the design. The back of these types is always open. It means that the back of the ear cups is open. There is a grilled mesh. You can see some internal circuitries. Of course, you will not find this in the product of Closed Back Headphones.

Both of two types of Over- the Ear Headphones also have some advantages and disadvantages. They have the optimum noise isolation so the sound quality is really excellent for listening. Moreover, you still hear the surround sound. It is not blocked completely as other types. Especially, all of the products of Over- the –ear headphone have the high durability. By these great things, many people still like to use the over- the- ear headphones. But you also must accept the bulky design and can not use in the outdoor as the earbuds.

Type 3: In-Ear-Canal Headphones

In- Ear- Canal headphones

If you want to enjoy the bass sound the In-Ear-Canal Headphone is your choice. However, you should note the negative things of this type as follows:

  • They are designed to wear in the ear canal directly. Therefore, you will feel uncomfortable for using. Many people can not wear these earphones in a long continuous time.
  • Beyond that, to have the earphones with the high quality, you will pay a high cost.

Type 4: Wireless Headphones

wireless headphones

Firstly, you need to know three types of the wireless headphones. They include the infrared headphones, radio-frequency headphones, and Bluetooth headphones. The intention of the wireless headphones proved the development of the technology. If over- the- ear headphones can not be used outside the wireless headphone can help you enjoy the music in the outdoor because they eliminated the wire. So you can use this type of headphone in everywhere and anywhere you go. This is very great.

Besides, the wireless headphones also have some features as other types of headphones. We can use the wireless headphones for the workout. They do not have any entanglement by the wire. Or you can bring them on your trip easily. But you must accept some negative sides of these headphones as follows:

  • The operation of the wireless headphones runs on the battery. To use this device, you must charge frequently. In some cases, your work can interrupt when the battery dies.
  • Many users said that the sound quality of the wireless headphones is not as good as other types of headphones. Especially, it depends on the battery a lot. The sound quality also slowly decreases when the battery is almost empty. This will make you be unhappy.

I checked out TrustedSounds and it looks like they had some new recommended wireless headphones under $100 for 2017.

In summary, to meet the needs of the users, the manufacturers produced many different types of the headphones. You can have a lot of selection. However, it is not simple to have the suitable pairs of the headphones as all your criteria. I believe that you will get some useful knowledge about the headphones. You will have the good suggestions to choose the best one for yourself.

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