Experienced the Microwave Oven

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microwave ovenNowadays, the microwave oven is more and more popular on the market. You will be based on rice cooker reviews in order to choose to purchase the best rice cooker, microwave ovens, too. However, using a microwave oven is not easy as that.  In particular, due to the electro-magnetic wave with high frequency, microwaves are able to cook the food. According to the design of the microwave, the high electro-magnetic wave has contained completely in the cooking area. Consequently, these waves can cause a serious burn if they are leaked out. With 5mW/, this radiation is entirely able to cause the danger to users.

Experienced the microwave oven

What can lead to leaking microwave oven?

The cooking area is leaked a little bit, isn’t it? No, problem! Because the design of microwave ovens helps keep the total energy in this area, so this is less effective. Nevertheless, if either a door with hinges or the glass door is broken down, damaged, or cracked, there cannot consider as a small problem. Like that, it is leaked excessively. You should take it to the store so as to repair as soon as possible.

Checking the level of microwave leakage

You are able to utilize the microwave leakage checker in order to check the level of leaking. This one is quite necessary because you need to have to ensure any leakages which are timely calibrated before using.

This appliance has a screen that helps show the level of leaking of microwave ovens. In addition, there is a spacer which is built inside. Therefore, the distance of the body of microwaves is measured an accurate way. In the best way, you ought to try measuring a variety of directions in order to check the level of microwave leakage if you want to take the exact measurement.

Determining the ability to work of the leakage checker

This one is very essential. It is able to ensure the measurement is performed effectively and exactly during the process of checking. You do not think that it is difficult. On the contrary, you only need to use a mobile phone which can do this easily, by the way, making a call. The screen will show that the appliance is running.

You will not use this way in order to replace for annual calibration that you must send the unit back the reliable manufactures for this. Let’s remember this!

Checking the leakage

If you want to check the leakage of the microwave, it must be working. You will only take one minute for this test. You only need to place a large water bowl in your microwave oven. Then, you allow it to operate for one minute. What a simple it is!

Now, you begin to scan both the glass and the door by the microwave leakage checker. To get the optimal result, you remember to check all different positions. The flash light is red any positions which are surely leaked. On the contrary, if it is blue, your microwave oven is safe. In addition, the flash light is orange. This one is not necessary failed that you ought to consider this place because it can have a problem.

Let’s check the safety of the interlock. Your microwave runs based on this one.

Why need to test the heating power of microwave ovens

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Most people look for buying a microwave with the strong heating power. A large number of recipes depend on the power of the microwave. If the microwave oven is not able to reach this one, the risk of food poisoning will be very large.

Because of plenty of reasons, your microwave is able to lose power. Time to time, the source of it will gradually decrease. The connections can be corroded. Of course, anything has the expiry date.

Frequently test the heating power

To perform, you need a thermometer and a plastic measurement pot. You pour about 300ml water (pay attention to the temperature). Then, let’s begin to heat about one minute in the microwave. You remember to stir the water.

Based on the temperature, the heating and the volume of the water, you can determine the heating power of your microwave.


As above mentions, checking the level of microwave leakage is not easy like choosing the cooking tools. That you only need to see rice cooker reviews can select the best rice cooker. In spite of not being simple, you can be based on above methods to maintain your microwave effectively. Good luck!

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