All You Need To Know Before Buying a Record Player

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There are thousands of people discovering a box of vinyl record collections hidden in the attic by their ancestors. Some have simply forgotten about their vinyl collection sitting in a corner in the garage. If you wish to still listen to the music from those records, naturally you would need a record player.

record player

There are many models of record players with different features nowadays and choosing the best record player your money can buy can prove to be somewhat challenging. Luckily we have come up with some guidelines to make this process easier for you. So here is what you need to take into consideration when buying a new record player for your old and new records.

How Do You Like Your Music

Everyone likes to increase the volume to the max every once in a while and completely relax and enjoy the music. Although high volume will not be an issue for most record players overall, you will not be able to listen to a lot of bass without additional gear. If you love your bass, you will need a set of quality external speakers to make that pleasure possible.

If you are the type to just listen to music in mild volumes, any record player will be sufficient for you, without any additional speakers.

Standard or DJ Record Player

Do you just want to listen to your records and relax, or maybe you want to be able to spin them like a DJ and let your fantasy run wild? If you are the first type, a standard record player will be enough for you. If you are the latter, invest in a record player for DJs, but be aware they will be more costly.

Set Your Budget

Regardless of what you are buying, having a particular budget range for it is extremely convenient, especially since record player prices vary from $50 to well over a $1000. Knowing how much you are willing to spend will narrow your search down and you will be able to make a decision easier.

What Model Would You Prefer

Stackable Record Player

There are record players which have an automatic changer. These are called stackable players as opposed to normal manual players. If you don’t want to remove and insert records manually every now and then, you should go for a stackable record player. You can insert a few of your favorite records and not have to change them as often.

Furthermore, depending on the model, there are record players with different spinning speeds. Most of them are capable of 33-45 RPM. Knowing the spinning speed of the record player is essential, especially if you want to listen to older records on it. Older records need to be played at 78 RPM, and the really, really old ones at 16 RPM. Depending on your collection, pick the record player with the appropriate speed.

Vintage or Modern Look

If you want your record player to blend in with the room, you need to pick the design accordingly. There are many different designs, from vintage to modern looking ones. Get one that fits your overall room décor.

vintage record player

Furthermore, there are now audio units that belong to the all-in-one category. This means that you can listen to radio, cassettes, CDs and records on them. However, these will not make your record player look and feel as unique and take up a bit more space in the room.

On the other hand, most of these newer units have the possibility to be connected to a PC. This means that you will be able to use them to transfer the songs from your records. It could be very convenient if you are dealing with bad sound coming from the record due to some scratches, since you will be able to edit those parts on the computer and still listen to your favorite music without sound issues.

Now that you have all your groundwork information, you can head to the local store and pick a record player that will suit your needs and be able to play your records. Whether you found some vinyl records unintentionally, or you have been storing your own for a long while, a good record player to listen to them on will offer a great experience.

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