All You Need To Know Before Buying a Record Player

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There are thousands of people discovering a box of vinyl record collections hidden in the attic by their ancestors. Some have simply forgotten about their vinyl collection sitting in a corner in the garage. If you wish to still listen to the music from those records, naturally you would need a record player.

record player

There are many models of record players with different features nowadays and choosing the best record player your money can buy can prove to be somewhat challenging. Luckily we have come up with some guidelines to make this process easier for you. So here is what you need to take into consideration when buying a new record player for your old and new records.

How Do You Like Your Music

Everyone likes to increase the volume to the max every once in a while and completely relax and enjoy the music. Although high volume will not be an issue for most record players overall, you will not be able to listen to a lot of bass without additional gear. If you love your bass, you will need a set of quality external speakers to make that pleasure possible.

If you are the type to just listen to music in mild volumes, any record player will be sufficient for you, without any additional speakers.

Standard or DJ Record Player

Do you just want to listen to your records and relax, or maybe you want to be able to spin them like a DJ and let your fantasy run wild? If you are the first type, a standard record player will be enough for you. If you are the latter, invest in a record player for DJs, but be aware they will be more costly.

Set Your Budget

Regardless of what you are buying, having a particular budget range for it is extremely convenient, especially since record player prices vary from $50 to well over a $1000. Knowing how much you are willing to spend will narrow your search down and you will be able to make a decision easier.

What Model Would You Prefer

Stackable Record Player

There are record players which have an automatic changer. These are called stackable players as opposed to normal manual players. If you don’t want to remove and insert records manually every now and then, you should go for a stackable record player. You can insert a few of your favorite records and not have to change them as often.

Furthermore, depending on the model, there are record players with different spinning speeds. Most of them are capable of 33-45 RPM. Knowing the spinning speed of the record player is essential, especially if you want to listen to older records on it. Older records need to be played at 78 RPM, and the really, really old ones at 16 RPM. Depending on your collection, pick the record player with the appropriate speed.

Vintage or Modern Look

If you want your record player to blend in with the room, you need to pick the design accordingly. There are many different designs, from vintage to modern looking ones. Get one that fits your overall room décor.

vintage record player

Furthermore, there are now audio units that belong to the all-in-one category. This means that you can listen to radio, cassettes, CDs and records on them. However, these will not make your record player look and feel as unique and take up a bit more space in the room.

On the other hand, most of these newer units have the possibility to be connected to a PC. This means that you will be able to use them to transfer the songs from your records. It could be very convenient if you are dealing with bad sound coming from the record due to some scratches, since you will be able to edit those parts on the computer and still listen to your favorite music without sound issues.

Now that you have all your groundwork information, you can head to the local store and pick a record player that will suit your needs and be able to play your records. Whether you found some vinyl records unintentionally, or you have been storing your own for a long while, a good record player to listen to them on will offer a great experience.


4 Popular Types of the Headphones on the Market

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4 Popular Types of the Headphones on the Market

types of the headphones

Normally, you will give some questions before buying the headphones. For example:

  • What are the best headphones on the market now?
  • Which one is the most suitable for your using target?
  • How to choose the best headphones with the best price?

Of course, these are only three typical questions. Even, you will have more things to know about headphones. Why do many people spend a big budget to buy the best wireless earphones? Surely, they also have their reasonable reasons. The best headphones will have more great features. In the case, you do not have a lot of money to get the headphones like this. Firstly, you should refer to all of types of this product. From there, you are easy to select the most appropriate for your needs. This article will synthesize 4 different types of the headphones which they are being sold today. Through this, you will get the general information and the most basic relating to these types of the headphones.

Type 1: Earbuds Headphones

Earbuds Headphones

Earbuds headphones are designed with the small size. With many people, this is convenient when using and storing their device. Thus, these types are manufactured with the large scale. On the other hands, these products also have some positive and negative sides which you need to remember. This is the essential features for the buyers:

  • Because the earbuds headphones have a small size you can use and move anywhere. It is also the great choice for your exercise and move on the way. Moreover, their price is cheap. You do not spend a lot of money for investing the earbuds headphones.
  • However, before you give the final decision to buy the earbuds headphones. You should consider some negatives things which these products bring.
  • Most of the earbuds headphones are easy to fall out of your ears because they are fit poorly;
  • Beyond that, they also block the outside noise. Thus, when wearing it, you can feel any noise from the outside;
  • In addition, your ears can be hurtful too much with the earbuds headphones.

Type 2: Over-the-Ear Headphones

Over-the-Ear Headphones

Over- the –ear headphones have the ear cups that they have to cover the entire ear. So the size is very large. This is totally different from the earbuds. And in these products, they are divided into two categories: Closed Back Headphones and Open Back Headphones.

  1. Closed Back Over- Ear Headphones

Comparing to Open Back Headphone, Closed Back Headphone are widely used very popular because of the price better. Also, Closed Back Headphones can block the outside noise and avoid the sound leakage effectively. They can make the users feel reducing the outside noise when we turn on the music. This thanks to the excellent noise isolation of the device.

  1. Open Back Over- Ear Headphones

If you just look the outside parts you can not recognize the differences of Open Back Headphone and Closed Back Headphone. Generally, they look very similar. In fact, they have the major difference about the design. The back of these types is always open. It means that the back of the ear cups is open. There is a grilled mesh. You can see some internal circuitries. Of course, you will not find this in the product of Closed Back Headphones.

Both of two types of Over- the Ear Headphones also have some advantages and disadvantages. They have the optimum noise isolation so the sound quality is really excellent for listening. Moreover, you still hear the surround sound. It is not blocked completely as other types. Especially, all of the products of Over- the –ear headphone have the high durability. By these great things, many people still like to use the over- the- ear headphones. But you also must accept the bulky design and can not use in the outdoor as the earbuds.

Type 3: In-Ear-Canal Headphones

In- Ear- Canal headphones

If you want to enjoy the bass sound the In-Ear-Canal Headphone is your choice. However, you should note the negative things of this type as follows:

  • They are designed to wear in the ear canal directly. Therefore, you will feel uncomfortable for using. Many people can not wear these earphones in a long continuous time.
  • Beyond that, to have the earphones with the high quality, you will pay a high cost.

Type 4: Wireless Headphones

wireless headphones

Firstly, you need to know three types of the wireless headphones. They include the infrared headphones, radio-frequency headphones, and Bluetooth headphones. The intention of the wireless headphones proved the development of the technology. If over- the- ear headphones can not be used outside the wireless headphone can help you enjoy the music in the outdoor because they eliminated the wire. So you can use this type of headphone in everywhere and anywhere you go. This is very great.

Besides, the wireless headphones also have some features as other types of headphones. We can use the wireless headphones for the workout. They do not have any entanglement by the wire. Or you can bring them on your trip easily. But you must accept some negative sides of these headphones as follows:

  • The operation of the wireless headphones runs on the battery. To use this device, you must charge frequently. In some cases, your work can interrupt when the battery dies.
  • Many users said that the sound quality of the wireless headphones is not as good as other types of headphones. Especially, it depends on the battery a lot. The sound quality also slowly decreases when the battery is almost empty. This will make you be unhappy.

I checked out TrustedSounds and it looks like they had some new recommended wireless headphones under $100 for 2017.

In summary, to meet the needs of the users, the manufacturers produced many different types of the headphones. You can have a lot of selection. However, it is not simple to have the suitable pairs of the headphones as all your criteria. I believe that you will get some useful knowledge about the headphones. You will have the good suggestions to choose the best one for yourself.


How about the Speakers of the Record Player

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When you are immersed in some favorite songs from the record player, you are only satisfied what your turntable brings. In fact, we can find and read a lot of record player reviews from the consumers when they buy a good record player. However, the great sounds which you listen also have the big contribution of the speakers.

With the good stereo system will reproduce the accurate sounds for your record player. Therefore, it is really necessary to invest a good set of the speakers. Sometimes, you only note to the record player and forget its speakers. It does not seem to balance.

Actually, many people are willing to spend a lot of money to buy the best speakers for their record player because they want to have the high quality sounds from their turntable. What do you know about the speakers of a record player? Here you will find the detailed information about the speakers.

The speakers set of the record player

Some Typical Types of the Speakers of The Turntable

It is the same with many other products. You will have the different choices to buy the turntable speakers. They have the shapes, sizes, and prices from cheap to expensive. Additionally, each kind of the speakers will have the different functions, both the positive side and negative side. So the buyers should consider carefully before make the final decision. There are four types which you can refer as follows:

  • Firstly, you can choose Floor speakers. They are a box of the large speakers. And they often stand on the floor. You will see them in the surround sound system.
  • Secondly, Bookshelf speakers are also the good choice for you if you want to place them on the desktop or the bookshelf. So their designs are often small.
  • Next, speakers of the record players will be hung on the wall or the ceiling. You should think of In-wall or In-ceiling speakers. Maybe it is the best suitable selection.
  • Finally, satellites are the small speakers. This is the subwoofer speakers depending on your needs which you can choose these speakers.

The compact of Bookshelf speakers

Although there are many choices you must consider your budget firstly. With the high quality products, they will ensure the quality of sound as well as the life of speakers.

Some Basic Tips to Buying the Turntable Speakers

  1. What Do You Need to Consider?

Surely, to spend a big amount for the turntable speakers the buyers will consider many things. For example:

  • Many people often check the price. You want to own the good speakers it means you must invest a lot of money. Even, your income is not high. So you often consider too much.
  • Then, the new speakers must match with other components of a record player. When the speakers connect with the record player this must ensure that set of the turntable and the speakers can work well.
  • Beyond that, a set of the speakers should also follow your selection and your preferences. In your opinion, you like it, however, others dislike. So, it is better to choose the speakers which they make your ears have a pleasant feeling.
  1. How Do The Speakers Work?

You want to have the best speakers. You buy them already. But, it is also very necessary to know how the speakers work. When knowing this, you will have some actual basis to evaluate the turntable speakers.

You can understand that a speaker is a device which it can create the sound waves from the electronic information. It will be stored on the different types of media such as CD, a record. After that, it will move into the electronic energy through the player, the turntable…

Next, the speakers will receive all electrical signals and turn them back the physical vibrations. These vibrations will reach the eardrum and create the sound which we hear.

In summary, the speakers of the record players are not also simple to understand and buy them properly. They can affect the sound directly. If you have the best turntables you should buy the good speakers with the high quality. We can say that the speakers are the important part of any stereo system. Buying a good set the sound produced will remain true with the original. Moreover, this device will provide the great listening experience to the listeners. I believe that now you know the importance of the turntable speakers. In addition, you also have more knowledge to choose the most suitable speakers sets.


Choosing to Buy the Right Headphones for Novices

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Selecting the best headphones for yourself

It is certain that the music lovers will always find the new something for their music devices. One of the appliances cannot miss – the headphones. Whether you use the headphones for watching TV, listening to music, recording or any purpose, a right pair of the headphones will always bring the great tunes. If you have owned the most modern music player, purchasing the suitable headphones will be necessary. Nothing is significant if you only need the normal headphones. Nonetheless, today, there are plenty of models so that you may pick up one. It is certain that no one wants to purchase the headphones that must throw away after several use months. It brings back the best workout earbuds that is not too difficult. Let’s consider!

Appreciating How Headphones Is Suitable for You

  • The overall things

Today, you will recognize that the necessary attributes for the headphones need to be considered. Through this information, you shall know which headphones are the best in many recent years. First of all, you need to determine the amount of bass of the headphones. When you have a certain decision, you will have to spend a little time in order to gather the information about the specifications of the headphones. It forces that you have to learn carefully the level and quality of the bass in each of the headphones. Then, you should also consider the material about them. The best is a durable material so that you may experience the bass the most effective way.

  • The essential features

The necessary features for the best headphones

After you have determined these factors, you need to check the ability to cancel the outside sound of the headphones that you chose. Actually, it will be a quality investment if your headphones come with the technology of blocking the noise around. At present, you are not difficult to find the noise canceling headphones on the market. You might select the closed or open type. If you want to compare both, you should look at the features of each of them. It recommends that you should take the closed headphones because they prevent the external noise better. This headphone model is appreciated as the high-ranking headphones, especially, from Sennheiser manufacturer. Even, both in-ear headphones and ear buds have also owned this feature. Consequently, those who enjoy the compact headphones can have peace of mind to select them without worrying about the hearing problem.

  • The comfort when using

Next, you should also note the comfort that your chosen headphones will be able to bring to you. If you have the habit, which listens to music for a longer period of time, the comfort is important. This one does not relate to any specifications. To know the accurate way, the best is that you ought to experience by yourself. It directly wears them in the stores. In case you order online, you can consult idea of the consumers. In particular, there is the overall weight of them. Beyond that, the headphones also have to have the padding. Like that, your ears will always feel easy-going whether you are listening for many hours. On the other hand, if you choose the in-ear headphones or ear buds, they must fit and discomfort for your ears.

  • The durability

Let’s choose the best headphones to utilize for a long time

In general, people often select the costly headphones. Of course, you will want to ensure your chosen headphones that can use for a long time. To get this one, you ought to see the reviews of the durability standard the product’s. Let’s remember that the fundamental models will not be able to last more 12 months. Alternatively, the products with the expensive price and the reliable brand shall last in a large number of years because they are produced by the best material and the most developed technology. In addition, you should not compare the headphones with the earphones because a pair of the headphones is entirely stronger than by far.

In such a case, through the above information, it is certain that you will be able to pick up the best headphones for yourself.

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Experienced the Microwave Oven

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microwave ovenNowadays, the microwave oven is more and more popular on the market. You will be based on rice cooker reviews in order to choose to purchase the best rice cooker, microwave ovens, too. However, using a microwave oven is not easy as that.  In particular, due to the electro-magnetic wave with high frequency, microwaves are able to cook the food. According to the design of the microwave, the high electro-magnetic wave has contained completely in the cooking area. Consequently, these waves can cause a serious burn if they are leaked out. With 5mW/, this radiation is entirely able to cause the danger to users.

Experienced the microwave oven

What can lead to leaking microwave oven?

The cooking area is leaked a little bit, isn’t it? No, problem! Because the design of microwave ovens helps keep the total energy in this area, so this is less effective. Nevertheless, if either a door with hinges or the glass door is broken down, damaged, or cracked, there cannot consider as a small problem. Like that, it is leaked excessively. You should take it to the store so as to repair as soon as possible.

Checking the level of microwave leakage

You are able to utilize the microwave leakage checker in order to check the level of leaking. This one is quite necessary because you need to have to ensure any leakages which are timely calibrated before using.

This appliance has a screen that helps show the level of leaking of microwave ovens. In addition, there is a spacer which is built inside. Therefore, the distance of the body of microwaves is measured an accurate way. In the best way, you ought to try measuring a variety of directions in order to check the level of microwave leakage if you want to take the exact measurement.

Determining the ability to work of the leakage checker

This one is very essential. It is able to ensure the measurement is performed effectively and exactly during the process of checking. You do not think that it is difficult. On the contrary, you only need to use a mobile phone which can do this easily, by the way, making a call. The screen will show that the appliance is running.

You will not use this way in order to replace for annual calibration that you must send the unit back the reliable manufactures for this. Let’s remember this!

Checking the leakage

If you want to check the leakage of the microwave, it must be working. You will only take one minute for this test. You only need to place a large water bowl in your microwave oven. Then, you allow it to operate for one minute. What a simple it is!

Now, you begin to scan both the glass and the door by the microwave leakage checker. To get the optimal result, you remember to check all different positions. The flash light is red any positions which are surely leaked. On the contrary, if it is blue, your microwave oven is safe. In addition, the flash light is orange. This one is not necessary failed that you ought to consider this place because it can have a problem.

Let’s check the safety of the interlock. Your microwave runs based on this one.

Why need to test the heating power of microwave ovens

microwave oven 2

Most people look for buying a microwave with the strong heating power. A large number of recipes depend on the power of the microwave. If the microwave oven is not able to reach this one, the risk of food poisoning will be very large.

Because of plenty of reasons, your microwave is able to lose power. Time to time, the source of it will gradually decrease. The connections can be corroded. Of course, anything has the expiry date.

Frequently test the heating power

To perform, you need a thermometer and a plastic measurement pot. You pour about 300ml water (pay attention to the temperature). Then, let’s begin to heat about one minute in the microwave. You remember to stir the water.

Based on the temperature, the heating and the volume of the water, you can determine the heating power of your microwave.


As above mentions, checking the level of microwave leakage is not easy like choosing the cooking tools. That you only need to see rice cooker reviews can select the best rice cooker. In spite of not being simple, you can be based on above methods to maintain your microwave effectively. Good luck!


What Are The Most Important Items Your Kitchen Can’t Survive Without?

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It doesn’t really matter if you are a cooking enthusiast, or you simply cook because you have to, you will still want to have the best necessary kitchen tools, appliances and cookware. From the essential kitchen utensils, a range to all sorts of pots and pans and even additional appliances such as slow cookers or pressure cookers, you need them all.

What Are the Essential Cooking Tools You Will Ever Need?

Before you head to the store and buy any of the kitchen tools which are going to be discussed further, make sure you gather enough information on any product you wish to purchase. For example, if you decide to get a pressure cooker, and don’t know which one to get, looking for stove top or electric pressure cooker reviews online will make your choice a lot easier to make.

  • Saucepans


A kitchen without saucepans is nothing. They are the most essential essentials. So, whether you buy them or not is not a basis for a discussion at all. What you need to decide instead is what kind of saucepans you will buy. Quality saucepans will cook your food easier and better, making it more delicious while also being more energy efficient. You need several saucepans in different sizes, and use whichever is appropriate for a particular meal. Cooking pasta requires a large pan, for example. If you don’t like to have a lot of trouble cleaning them you should consider getting non-stick ones.

  • Pressure Cookers

pressure cooker

You may be surprised to see pressure cookers have made it to the list of most essential kitchen tools, but the fact is, they are extremely popular, useful and easy to use cookers. You can choose between stove top and electric ones. Regardless of which one you choose, you can rest assured they will cook your food extremely fast and keep it delicious while also saving considerable amount of electricity. Pressure cookers are known to cook up to 75% faster compared to normal cooking pots. Not only they save time, they are extremely energy efficient. Nothing escapes from the cooker while the food cooks, which also ensures that all the vitamins and nutrients released from the ingredients will stay inside as well.

  • A Quality Set of Knives


Any food recipe requires certain amount of preparations. Food ingredients need to be chopped, sliced, diced etc. before being stuffed in the cooking pot. For that reason, you need a good set of kitchen knives. Knowing which knife is most suitable for each task is equally important. Using a wrong knife will take more time to complete the job, or what’s worse, you can injure yourself in the process.

  • A Frying Pan

Frying Pan

Although it is true that more and more people avoid fried food due to health reasons, no kitchen will be complete without a frying pan. You will never completely remove steaks from your diet anyways. Also, frying pans can be used to prepare omelets, fried egg sandwiches and more.

  • Additional Electrical Products

This category includes kettles, toasters, microwaves etc. Kettles are convenient because they can heat up water really fast. Furthermore, everyone likes to have a toaster to put their bread slices inside and make them deliciously crunchy. Microwaves are the ideal solution when you end up having to eat yesterday’s leftovers.

Other cooking products, such as a slow cooker will make it possible for you to leave a certain meal to prepare while you step outside and run other errands. A blender will make the perfect natural smoothies for you and your family, especially the children.


New SoundTrack Will Open a Marvelous World

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Ultimate Electronics Inc., also known as SoundTrack in Denver, CO, plans to open new superstore formats for its audio electronics products. Ultimate operates several smaller-format stores in Colorado, but experienced phenomenal sales growth when it opened 19,000-sq. ft. superstores in Salt Lake City and Orem, UT. Sales have increased 90% to $58.2 million for the six months ending July 31, 1994. One Denver, CO, SoundTrack store will be converted to the superstore format and six new superstores in the Idaho, Nevada, Utah and New Mexico.


Amid the din of major players that has come to characterize the consumer electronics business in Colorado, the once-small, once-private, Denver-based independent, SoundTrack, continues to make its voice heard, and not only is it competing with the big boys, it’s on the verge of becoming one.

Increasingly Grow of SoundTrack Worldwide

SoundTrack, known outside of Colorado as Ultimate Electronics Inc., had its beginnings in 1968 when Denver entrepreneur Bin Pearse opened a Team Electronics franchise store. In 1974, he put out the SoundTrack shingle and by 1993 he had nine stores: seven in metropolitan Denver, one in Fort Collins, one in Colorado Springs. Sales topped $62 million for die first time in 1992. Around him swirled a galaxy of big names: Fred Schmid, Silo, Video Concepts (then Tandy and McDuff) and Best Buy, but he stayed the course as the others began merging, closing stores and getting bought up.

Last fall began the experiment that has cast the die for the future and put Ultimate on course to join the majors. Ultimate opened stores in Salt Lake City and Orem, Utah – doubling the size of the retail space in previous stores. The two stores each sported retail space of about 19,000 square feet. The formula worked right away, and Ultimate realized that more and bigger stores would rely on the company’s ability to raise money. It went public with 2.3 million shares of common stock.

“Being relatively successful with the format in Utah, we saw opportunities in other markets as well,” said Alan Kessock, vice president of finance and administration and a member of the lean, four-man management team.

Great Profit form the Industry

One Denver store already is scheduled for conversion to the new, large format, which Kessock described as “not a Disneyland approach” but something Denver hasn’t seen: cars on the sales floor with state-of-the art sound systems, two theaters and 35 big-screen televisions on display. Although the two Utah stores had been on fine for only two-and-a-half months, by Jan. 31, 1994 yearly company revenues will have topped $88 million. Sales for the six months ended July 31 were $58.2 million – up nearly 90 percent from the $30.8 million in the first six months of the prior year. The experiment was a success and the decision has been made to replicate it. In the next nine months, the firm will open two superstores in Las Vegas, two more in Utah, and one each in Albuquerque and Boise, Idaho. It all goes as planned; the firms will more than double its retail floor square footage in nine months.

“We’re not so expansion driven that we’re willing to grow at any cost. And our growth spurt by national comparisons might be quite boring. But for us, it’s definitely a mouthful. As a result, we’ve tripled our resources in training and recruiting,” said Dave Workman, the company’s president.

Workman said the firm has no plans to “go global” – or even national. “We’d like to maintain a geographical presence that enables us to distribute out of one central distribution facility.”

Ultimate Consumer Electronics Part

Other things, too, will remain unchanged as Ultimate makes the leap to 17 stores. “We’ll continue to specialize in just consumer electronics and provide a broad price spectrum. We start as low as Best Buy but we go up to the type of merchandise you’d find in a salon. And we have a very strong focus and emphasis on customer service.”

In fact, said Kessock, the customer-service philosophy can be summed up quite simply: “Got a problem? Call Dave or Bill. If it’s a customer call, either one of them will leave a meeting to take it. In fact, (he told a reporter), the customer will generally get through quicker than you would.”

Step by Step to Grow up

Neither that nor the product mix is likely to change much when Ultimate takes its next step. Its bread and butter have always been audio-related. Insiders estimate that SoundTrack has 20 percent of the metropolitan market share – and 30 percent of car stereo trade.

Kessock listed Sony, Panasonic, Mitsubishi, JVC, Pioneer, RCA and Canon as dominant labels. Speaker lines include Infinity, KEF, Klipsch and Polk Audio. “Those are afl very high quality without being the high end,” he said.

Coming into Home Office

In fiscal 1993, audio made up 27 percent of SoundTrack’s sales with car stereos and mobile electronics contributing another 15 percent. Television comprises 23 percent, video 14 percent and home office, available for only three years, 12 percent.

“We have no magic bullet in our arsenal. We try to do a thousand little things a little better than the next guy, said Workman.” Piper Jaffray analyst Saul Yaari said the strategy is working. He has studied the company in depth and has issued a “strong buy” rating.

“The company’s strategy is to appeal to a wide range of customers, but its primary focus is on the middle-to-upper-income consumer. Ultimate attempts to differentiate itself from its competition through comprehensive selection of name brand and limited distribution merchandise, excellent customer service, upscale store format, competitive pricing and focus on the home audio, television, video and automotive electronics categories.” He added, “The focus on such differentiating factors, while matching the lowest prices on |shared’ brands offered by competitors, makes Ultimate a very favorable alternative to appliance/electronics Superstores and other large format limited service retailers.” According to Kessock, SoundTrack’s Denver business shot up 25 percent in the year after Best Buy’s arrival in 1991. “With more advertising dollars being spent as a group, awareness is increased and everybody’s out shopping for these items.”

More Increase of Development

SoundTrack survived and prospered during the Fretters (now YES!) takeover of market leader Fred Schmid, and the later swallowing by that group of Denver’s Silo stores (most later closed). Now it’s looking at the first quarter 1995 opening of a Tandy Corp. Incredible Universe store and the more formidable challenge of Circuit City’s planned arrival in Denver in late 1995,

“They all have their formats and their ways of doing business,” said Kessock. “We just want to get our share of the business.”


Exhibition of General Instrument at WCES

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General Instrument will use the Winter Consumer Electronics Show to push C-band satellite television technology, despite its partnership in a Direct Broadcast Satellite (DBS) business. The growth in DBS interest should not make retailers forget the more established C-band technology which uses a larger dish to pull in over 300 channels, according to General Instrument. Consumers have more choice with C-band and may have to pay less per month for the system.

television technology

General Instrument will exhibit at Winter CES(WCES) for the first time in years, with a specific satellite-related message in mind. While the company has a vested interest in Direct Broadcast Satellite (DBS) via its partnership with Primestar partners Ltd., GI wants to make clear big-dish C-band is alive and well and can make a winning alternative to the smaller-dish DBS. At WCES, the company intends to let retailers know that many consumers, given the choice, will opt for C-band with its proven technology and greater number of available channels, and any retailer not offering that option could stand to lose substantial business.

The Development of Industry under View of Experts

“C-band is the Cadillac of the satellite industry–not everyone wants to drive a Geo,” noted Alan McCabe, vice president of consumer product sales for GI’s Communication Division, which makes products for both the home satellite and cable industries. “We were at the last Summer CES for the first time in a very long time because we knew DirecTv (the other existing DBS provider, in partnership with Thomson Consumer Electronics) would be there and consumer electronics dealers were beginning to show a huge interest in satellite TV; also, one of our partners, Primestar, was looking for media attention and they were in our booth.”


C-band, McCabe noted, has great sales potential with consumers who want more than what DBS has to offer. DBS, in the form of the DirecTv/Thomson RCA Digital Satellite System (DSS), can handle a maximum of 175 channels via its 18-inch dish. Primestar’s version of DBS can handle up to 77 via its 3-foot dish.

But a C-band system can pull in upwards of 300 channels via its larger (5-foot-and-up) dish. C-band has been around for more than 10 years and is being continually refined, noted McCabe.

Foreseeable Vision of Growing Business

C-band sales were expected to peak a year ago, but it didn’t happen, he added. “We had 69,300 C-band authorizations in August, and we expect 750,000 new C-band customers in 1994. At least 500,000 of those will be brand new and the rest, upgrades.”

  • DirecTv and Primestar

The industry veteran claimed DirecTv and Primestar would move millions of DBS units over the next few years. “It’s a huge attraction to a lot of people,” he said. Still, as DBS grows and C-band levels off, “even a smaller percentage of the market means C-band is still a growing business.”

Some 70 percent of C-band sales are made in-home, and perhaps 35 percent of those approved for financing, which could result in a boom for a DBS supplier like Primestar, McCabe said. “These become prime customers for Primestar with its leasing program,” he explained. “We could deliver a half-million new customers just based on financing turndowns. Primestar has been hesitant about the turndown business, because of the perceived image problem, but they’re now looking at dealer prospects, with us egging them on.”

He said he understood why consumer electronics retailers haven’t been selling satellite TV, which is a time-consuming sale, but this has changed since DirecTv and Primestar got the message out. “The bulk of the educational effort is done.”

  • GI and C-band Package

GI may put together a C-band package for retailers, much like PC suppliers did to promote their business in the consumer market. C-band, like the PC industry and home theater, tends to be heavily component-oriented.

The plum for retailers who get into the business is greater profitability, McCabe added. “C-band versus DBS means more choices and, likely, lower monthly costs for the user. On a closed system such as cable or DBS, the provider’s ability to change costs is a factor, versus C-band, where there are more than 35 programming packagers. So if the consumer doesn’t like one, he picks another, and this has driven pricing down considerably.”

Product Info On Launches at CES

HFD wants information about new products manufacturers plan to unveil at the Winter Consumer electronics Show in Las Vegas in January.

HFD’s Electronics staff has begun gathering information about products exhibitors will show for the first time. We plan to publish new product information in HFD beginning Dec. 5, as well as in our show issue, Jan. 2, in our CES dailies during the show and in our post-show issues, Jan. 9, 16 and 23.

Manufacturers introducing products at the show should send us the information, along with black and white pictures, by Wednesday, Nov. 23. Information received after that deadline has no guarantee of making our show issues or CES dailies.


Auto Sound Array of Jensen Inc

Audio Equipment No Comment

International Jensen Inc. has introduced a line of drop-in car speakers under the Blue Cone and Gray Cone model names. The speaker cones incorporate kapok to make them more weather resistant. Prices range from $44 to $119 per pair. Other new products include a 10-disc CD changer, two cassette receivers and three amplifiers. Two subwoofers will ship in Jun, 1994. International Jensen Inc. introduced a slew of new auto sound products including loudspeakers with several new features and a 10-disc compact disc changer.

auto sound

Typical Products of Jensen

In addition, Jensen’s sister company, Advent Mobile, also had new products on display at the 1994 Mobile Electronics Show.

  • Jensen’s Blue Cone models

Heading the new speaker line are Jensen’s Blue Cone models, which are all designed as drop-in replacements. Starting with the 6 1/2-inch coaxial J226CX, the 5 1/4-inch coaxial J225CX and 6 1/2-inch full range J16FR and the 4-inch full range J124FR. The price range is from $44 to $59 per pair and all are now shipping.

The triaxial J320TX and coaxial J220CS 6 by 9 will also be joining the Blue Cone. To make the cones more weather resistant they contain kapok, a material used in lifejackets. The speakers have molded magnet covers as a protective measure. Both models will ship in June with respective retail prices of $99 and $79. There were also new 6-by-9 speakers in Jensen’s Gray Cone line. The coaxial J240CX and triaxial J340TX, will be shipping in July with suggested prices of $94 and $119 per pair, respectively. These speakers feature a ridged cone area designed to deliver more bass by creating more surface area and contain kapok.

  • Gray Cone Speakers

Others new Gray Cone speakers, also ridged and incorporating kapok, are the 5 1/4-inch J245CX, 4-inch J244CX and the 6 1/2-inch units J246CX and J236CX. All models ship this month with suggested retails, per pair, of $84, $49, $79 and $59.

Also shipping in May is the JDC10RF 10-disc CD changer. The unit has shock and vibration protection, can be mounted horizontally or vertically, remote control and a suggested price of $499. The CS8000 and CS3510 cassette receivers are also new for 1994. Both feature auto reverse and 20 watts of power, while the first models add a three-quarter detachable face and two pre-amp outputs. Both will ship this summer with $229 and $179 suggested price tags.

Starting Shipping and Providing a Good Service

Three amplifiers in Jensen’s Triple Play Series will start shipping next month. The 50-watt A432HLX and A222HLX and 75-watt A322HLX with suggested retails of $379, $239 and $319, respectively. Joining the amps in June are two subwoofers each featuring gold-plated five-way binding post terminals and gray foam surround. The 300-watt JW12 and 200-watt JW10 will carry suggested retails of $64.95 and $54.95. Advent new product line also features two new subwoofers that have a window, dual voice coils and cones impregnated with graphite. The 12-inch BP12 and 8-inch BP8 will ship in August with suggested prices of $299 and $249, respectively.

Advent targeted the factory replacement market with two new loudspeaker models. The 150-watt 6- by 9inch AM690 and 75-watt 1/2-inch AM650 have high density cellulose cones and strontium ferrite magnets. Both will be available in August will carry the same suggested retail price of $69 per pair.

  • Fabulous Three of Amplifiers

Closing out Advent’s introductions are three amplifiers. The four-channel PA415 and PA450 paired with two-channel PA250 are bridgeable and contain gold-plated connectors. The 15-watt PA415, suggested retail $149, 50-watt PA450, $379 and 50-watt PA250, $279, are all now shipping. Advent also showed its first electronic component, the APX7000, which contains four signal processors, a graphic equalizer, dual active crossovers and BBE II sound restoration system. Its suggested retail is $199. It is shipping.


Audio Equipment of Pioneer Adds

Audio Equipment No Comment

audio equipment

Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. is expanding and enhancing its Bodysonic line of audio equipment. For example, the company is offering a remote controlled FH-P95 double-DIN size compact disc player/receiver with innovative features such as a function that removes the vocals from music so that listeners can sing along. Another introduction, the Bodysonic BSS-C1 speaker, retailing at $300, offers an amplifier and a pad designed to sit on a car seat and vibrate along with the music. Additional product offerings are discussed.

Executives at Pioneer Electronics Inc. feel there is more to car audio than just listening to the music. They believe it should be fun, too.

New features to New Compact Disc Player

Disc Player

To push this idea, the company has added new features to its second generation double-DIN compact disc player/receiver and expanded its Bodysonic loudspeaker line.

Pioneer has also brought out an array of home audio products including a laserdisc/compact disc player and a large number of both A/V and stereo receivers.

  • FH-P95

The remote controlled FH-P95 double-DIN size CD player/receiver suggested retail price $1,400 and shipping in July, has several of these “fun” features, including Audition, a karaoke-type feature that removes the vocals from a song and mixing function that can meld together music from the CD player and tape player. It is designed for use with CDs Pioneer will be supplying with the receiver that contains sounds ranging from the soothing gurgling of a babbling brook to the screaming engine of a race car, whatever the listener desires, said Sam McLain, Pioneer’s car audio brand manager, marketing.

Some of the more traditional features for the FH-P95 are a three-band equalizer, sound field presets (studio, jazz, concert hall, club, audition and stadium), an LCD display and Pioneer’s new FLEX System. FLEX, to which access is gained via a button on the faceplate, uses a signal processor to pull the high-end frequencies off worn out tapes restoring most of the original sound quality.

  • BSS-C1

The new BSS-C1 Bodysonic speaker is in response to the acclaim the first product has received since it was introduced at the Winter Consumer Electronics Show. The original Bodysonic, suggested retail $500, contains a small amplifier, two speakers and a pad that sits on a car seat and vibrates along with the music like a subwoofer. McLain said retailers believed a less expensive version would sell very well. The end result was the BSS-C1, which is just the vibrating pad and amp and will come in at $300 and is now shipping.

  • CDS-P45

Five other new receivers will be available starting in June. The CDS-P45 CD changer controller and single CD player CD-470FM, suggested retails $200 and $480, respectively and the cassette-based KEH-3600, KEH-2600 and KEH-490. Suggested price points on these products are to be disclosed.

  • CLD-D503

In the home audio field, Pioneer officials believe that with a street price point on below $500 its CLD-D503 combination laser disc/CD player will enable the average person on the street to afford a top notch home theater system. The unit has dual side play, direct CD loading and can switch sides in less than eight seconds.

It Is Not an Outrageous Expensive Price At All

Three laser disc-only players have also just started shipping. The CLD-D703, CLD-M403 and CDD-S303 have suggested prices of $1,220, $770 and $650.

In Pioneer’s CD player category will feature two mass storage players, the 100-disc PD-F100 and 51-disc DF-F51. The first model is a front loader with vertical CD trays, while the latter is targeted at consumers looking for a space saver unit. The 100-disc unit will start shipping this month and the 51-disc model will follow in July with respective suggested prices of $715 and $615.

Mini System Line Is New Continuously

The PD-F51 is also can also be found in the company’s mini system line as a component with the CCS-590 mini system, suggested retail $1,215 and shipping in July. Four other minis are new for 1994. The CCS-490 featuring is a three-piece subwoofer satellite speaker system, the CCS-390 that utilizes Pioneer’s extended bass technology, the CCS-290 and the 100-watt Z-A1000. The CCS-490 June at $865, the CCS-390 started shipping in March at $635, the CCS-290 will go in August at $520 and the Z-A1000 also began shipping in March at $635.

Four Dolby Pro Logic-equipped A/V receiver models will also be in dealers by July. The top of the line VSX-D903S has graphic user interface to help the user handle the various A/V settings. It is joined by the VSX-D703S, VSX-603S and VSX-503S. Suggested retails are $1,200, $810, $710 and $500, respectively.

Products that Always Are Available

Home Theater Systems

Other home theater products include three new loudspeaker systems that will be hitting store shelves these months. The S-V201 has five satellite speakers and a subwoofer and a $580 price point. The S-2D has two front speakers and a subwoofer, $350 suggested price and the SC-R22 has a center channel speaker and subwoofer, $230 suggested price.